Case Studies


20.10.06 Voice over agency online delivery system with a new Branding realisation for the company. . .
Information architecture
Design interface
Front End
Back End Admin system


When Cutglass came to us they really had little experience in what could be developed on-line for their business.
They also were in real need of a consolidated brand for their services.

The Brief

They represent Actors and Actresses who's voices and therefore need their artists to be heard and found easily. We also wanted the
intergrate all the services of the agency into a user friendly approach. Showreels was another important service that is offered and often
the actors of the agency produce their edited sound showreels at cutglass. The brand was in need of a face lift.


We produced a user experience on the front end that we felt easy to understand and a pleasure to use.
We produced a full back - end CMS to manage their day to day updates and loading of all relevant content for a artist. We developed a brand that linked the 4 services. We built a database structure that supported the vision of a web-user being able to search for voices through a range of criteria's

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Client Feedback

Tidal opened our eyes to what could be possible for our voice over agency and delivered it in all ways on-line. Thankyou.


  1. 02.09.16
    Tidal were heavily involved a marketing launch programme for Funktion-one's new touring sound system Vero >>> Includes identity, website, brochure, advertising and a product launch trade stand in Frankfurt in April. Click here >>

  2. 15.07.16
    Zion Audio productions are London based Audio rental company for events and high end sound solutions. Click here >>

  3. 12.05.16
    Sagebrown Based in London producing Fine leather goods for the Mayfair and City folk, Asked us to team up with back end developers to produce a new magneto based e-shop with the front end user experienced designed and produced by us. Click here >>