Case Studies

Our School Project

08.09.10 Brand offering for self publishing concept helping to inspire kids to get writing . . .
Brand design
Leaflet Design


We were approached by intypelibra a successful standalone book production company based in London to support them in their quest to offer schools a chance to help them inspire young writers within their classes to take that creative leap forward by writing pieces that would then be compiled into final showcase books . . as this new era of self publishing books grows.

The Brief

To be produce a brand that could appeal to Teachers, Parents as well as the school kids in their strategy and ambition to unite school kids writing talents within self publication business


A flexible and fun brand was produced, with a website that we combined with stop animation to get a cool message across. Finally supplying a flexible 'house style' that forms the core look for all publications templates and pages

Client Feedback

Everytime I look at this website it always gives me a boost as what we are trying to achieve with this venture . . .
Tony Chapman   Director - IntypeLibra


  1. 02.09.16
    Tidal were heavily involved a marketing launch programme for Funktion-one's new touring sound system Vero >>> Includes identity, website, brochure, advertising and a product launch trade stand in Frankfurt in April. Click here >>

  2. 15.07.16
    Zion Audio productions are London based Audio rental company for events and high end sound solutions. Click here >>

  3. 12.05.16
    Sagebrown Based in London producing Fine leather goods for the Mayfair and City folk, Asked us to team up with back end developers to produce a new magneto based e-shop with the front end user experienced designed and produced by us. Click here >>